Family Engagement Liaison 


  • Bachelor’s degree in education, social work, counseling or established career preferred 
  • Experience working with students age and their families
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain positive communications
  • Maintains confidentiality at all times

Position Description: The Family Engagement Liaison is responsible for developing

  •  Ways for families and the school to work together to increase student academic achievement, attendance, and parent involvement
  •  Relationships with families that foster trust between families and the school
  •  Leadership in the parent community
  •  Ways to gather parent input and analyze the data to meet parent needs
  •  Opportunities for parents to support student academic achievement, a welcoming climate, and positive school culture.


 • Create a welcoming, safe, and supportive school environment  

 • Serve as a leader/role model in developing parent-teacher/school staff relationships among school personnel  

 • Facilitate parent meetings, workshops, and leadership development in collaboration with teachers especially in areas to improve student academic achievement and parent involvement  

 • Lead the coordination of a variety of family/parent participation activities (i.e., cultural events, common core grade level workshops, parent orientations, parenting support workshops, computer classes, reading night, perfect attendance, etc.) and carry out tasks such as ordering food, setting up, cleaning up, handouts, event logistics  

 • Lead Communication/Outreach/Promotion with parent leaders, community partners and school site staff for family workshops/events, or other parent communication necessary for student achievement and school culture  

 • Develop and maintain a school wide parent volunteer system in alignment with our volunteer policies, coordinate volunteer efforts and recruitment of parent volunteers  

 • Foster relationships/partnerships with outside community and educational organizations focused on family engagement linked to learning  

 • Work with families of target group populations (African American, English Learner, Special Education, Economic Hardship), to increase their participation and engagement  

 • Work with community to provide resources to families as needed  

 • Be familiar with all aspects/operations of the school, participate in staff meetings/professional development 

 • Work with families to increase student attendance and decrease truancy 

 • Communicate and coordinate academic activities for parents with teachers  

 • Create and distribute monthly or weekly bulletin for families  

 • Assist with translation (oral and written if spoken), work with administration/front office to secure translation when necessary  

 • Create and post flyers for events  

 • Make phone calls to parents for outreach and parent-teacher communication support  

 • Attend team meetings and family engagement training, professional development  

 • Support with measuring impact of family engagement efforts (through district parent surveys)   

Hours worked: 4 hours/day / Monday - Friday / 180 days per school calendar year. 

Start Date: ASAP 

Pay Rate: up to  $25.00 per hour 

Closing Date: Until filled For more information contact Chad Folkersma @ 

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