Rudyard App

There's many new things happening around Rudyard Area Schools over this past year and more changes to come.  We're very excited to release our Mobile App to better communicate with parents and students.  With the new App there's a few key things we wanted to cover to ensure your best experience with the App.

First is the find the App: Our App can be found in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App store using the Keyword "Rudyard Area Schools"

Push Notifications: It's important that you update your push notifications, by default All channels will be selected.  Not everyone wants to hear updates on Athletics, or perhaps you have a student in Elementary and not Jr/Sr High and you don't need to updates that pertain only to the Jr/Sr High.    To update those selections at the bottom of your menu screen you'll see the "Settings" Button, click that.

The next page may look different for Android and Apple users but you'll still want to select the Push Notifications Group and Select which groups you're interested in getting updates for.  We currently have 4 groups, but that may grow as we see fit. Each channel will have it's own purpose/target audience:

  • Rudyard Area Schools - Highly recommend staying in this channel as this will be the push notification we send out for any school closings, emergencies, etc.
  • Rudyard Elementary - If you have a student in Rudyard Elementary this may be a good group to stay in as well.  These notifications may be for upcoming concerts, upcoming special elementary days, etc.
  • Rudyard Jr/Sr High - Much like the Elementary channel if you have a student in Jr/Sr you'll want to stay in this group.  examples of notifications would be: Exam week, updates on the school, etc.
  • Athletics - Depending how much you'd like to keep in the know about our athletics program this may pertain to you, or students may want to keep in this channel to get updates on score, changes in schedule, etc.