Program:         Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Under CIP Code 51.0000 Health Sciences/Allied Health General


Job Description:

Teach two-hour block of Medical First Responder (MFR) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - Basic program to junior and senior level students at Rudyard Area Schools.


Required Qualifications:

1.  Possession or qualification for a State of Michigan Occupational Education Certificate (EOC) or Interim Occupational Certificate (IOC) valid for CIP 51.0000.

2.  Applicants with a High School Diploma and 4000 documented work hours in a related field (within past six years) may qualify for an Annual Occupational Authorization in lieu of the EOC/IOC.

3.  Possession of a current State of Michigan Instructor Coordinator license

4.  Possession or qualification for appropriate industry licensure where indicated (American Heart Association CPR and First Aid Instructor Certification)

5.  Train the Trainer Certification

6.  Ability and desire to form partnerships with community and industry members to plan and hold program advisory meetings twice per year.

7.  Ability and desire to assist students in Work Based Learning opportunities (field trips, internships, externships, job shadowing, etc.).

8.  Ability and desire to assist students in Career/Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) and/or relevant student leadership activities.


Preferred Qualifications:

1.  Knowledge of and ability to complete required Technical Reporting and Compliance (TRAC) documentation.

2.  Effective communication skills (written, verbal).

3.  Ability to effectively work with Community Members, CTE staff and students and students with special needs.

4.  Effective and efficient computer skills.

5.  Ability and desire to build and grow program enrollment.


Reports to:     Career Center Director or designee

Performance Responsibilities:

1.   Teach high school students interested in the area of emergency medical technician.

2.   Supervise and manage daily classroom activities consistent with high levels of student engagement, learning and understanding.

3.   Assume responsibility for daily lesson planning, instruction and assessment of required curriculum.

4.   Complete and maintain appropriate records including Attendance, Gradebook and TRAC/CIP Self-Review.

5.   Participate in District and Content Area Professional Development in order to maintain industry-standard knowledge and skills in curricular area.

6.    Maintain current teaching and industry-required credentials.

7.    Seek out and maintain community and industry partnerships.

8.    Plan, hold and document Program Advisory Committee Meetings twice per school year.

9.    Complete yearly Curriculum GAP Analysis (Curriculum Alignment)

10.  Plan, provide and document appropriate student safety training.

11.  Plan, provide and document Student Leadership (SLO) and/or Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO) opportunities for students.

12.  Maintain classroom, curriculum and instructional materials free of bias.

13.  Prepare students for transition into post-secondary opportunities (program of study, articulations, certifications, etc.).

14.  Teaching students strategies and techniques to function in a safe and orderly classroom setting while adhering to the PBIS building/district models

15.  Teaching students academic curricular standards approved by the Board of Education

16.  Plan for daily literacy integration

17.  Provide individual or small group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of all students

18.  Evaluate, using appropriate assessment practices, each pupil’s growth in knowledge, skills, and attitudes in subjects being taught

19.  Maintain professional competence through in-service education activities provided by the district and self- selected professional growth activities

20.  Identify pupils needs, differentiates instruction, and cooperates with other professional staff members to create a multi-tiered system of support

21.  Participate in professional learning communities and professional development

22.  Maintain records of student data, sets individual goals, and adheres to grade level/building goals

23.  Cooperate with school administration in providing displays and programs for the parents, school, and community, and when sponsoring activities

24.  Communicate with parents and school personnel on classroom learning objectives and parent involvement activities as well pupil progress

25.  Supervise pupils in out-of-classroom activities during the assigned workday

26.  Participates in faculty meetings, committees, and sponsorship of student activities

27.  Maintain and build a positive school culture

28.  Other duties as directed by CTE Director.

Terms of Employment:

  • Regular student attendance school year
  • Hours per posting
  • Salary per negotiated agreement


Annually, performed by the Career Center Director

Wage: TBD

 Apply:  Send letter of interest to Chad Folkersma at 

                  For more information call 906-478-3771  Ext. 2103