Mrs. Sonja Duncan
  • Mrs. Sonja Duncan


    Position: Physical Education Instructor

    Graduated High School From: <Insert>

    Degrees & Certifications: Bachelor's Dregree in Physical Education, Health & Sociology from Saginaw Valley State University

    Awards: <Insert>

    Phone Number: (906) 478-3771 ext. 6213


    Sonja Duncan is a graduate of Saginaw Valley State University with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education, Health & Sociology, where she also played college basketball.  Mrs. Duncan has been apart of RAS since 1990.

  • Class Schedule

    1st Hour: Health 10
    2nd Hour: Prep
    3rd Hour: Health 8 Boys
    4th Hour: PE 10
    5th Hour: Advance PE
    6th Hour: 7th Grade PE
    7th Hour: Swimming and Lifeguarding