Mr. Karl DeWitt
  • Mr. Karl DeWitt


    Position: RAS Technology Consolutant and Technology Intervention Specialist

    Graduated High School From: Rudyard High School

    Degrees & Certifications: Bachelor's of Science Degree in Computer Science from Lake Superior State University


    • Most Likely to Become a Profession Gamer (RHS 2009 High School Yearbook)
    • Intermural Champion of Co-Ed Flag Football and Co-Ed Volleyball
    • Most Likely to Mess Up this Website

    Phone Number: (906) 478-3771 ext. 2011


    Karl DeWitt is a Rudyard Alumni, graduating from Rudyard in 2009. He later graduated from Lake Superior State University with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer Science.  If you notice any problems with the website it is most likely his or his predecessor's fault, but you can only blame him now.

  • Class Schedule

    1st Hour: District
    2nd Hour: Here
    3rd Hour: There
    4th Hour: Everywhere
    5th Hour: Prep perhaps?
    6th Hour: Working
    7th Hour: Definitely Working