• Response to Intervention (RtI) is a research-based, tiered approach geared towards supporting our most struggling learners.  It is a process that empowers general education to be accountable for ALL students.  RtI can also serve as an eligibility process, helping us identify if a student truly needs special education services, or just needs more support from general education. 
    With RtI, we look at both academic and behavioral student achievement.  By using a three tier, scientfically-based process, we are able to use data collection to better make decisions about serving our studetns who are struggling the most at that time.  This is an effort to catch students who are falling behind, and to put in place interventions that may get the student back to performing at their peer's level. 
    The implementation of RtI is part of the Elementary Education Counselor Grant, which made it possible to implement not only RtI, but our Bully Prevention Program (Olweus) as well.  It also allowed Rudyard Elementary schools to hire 2 new counselors and an additional social worker, and allowed us the funds to provide professional development in the above areas to our staff.
    Since nearly 80% of student's with behavior problems have academic difficulties, RtI fits perfectly with the overall goal of the Elementary Counselor Grant: to reduce discipline referrals.
    For more information on RtI and how we are implementing it, please contact Lisa Jo Gagliardi at lgagliardi@eup.k12.mi.us .
Last Modified on January 17, 2008