Mrs. McDonoff, 5th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Mary Ellen McDonoff


    Position: 5th Grade Teacher

    Graduated High Schools From: <Insert>

    Degrees & Certifications:

    • Bachelor of Early Education from Lake Superior State University
    • Master's in Administration from Central Michigan University

    Awards: <Insert>

    Phone Number: (906) 478-3771 ext. 3021


    Mary Ellen McDonoff is a graduate of Lake Superior State University with a Bachelor in Early Education and a Master's Degree in Administation from Central Michigan University. She joined the Rudyard School District in 1991 and worked as a paraprofessional, a playground supervisor, a bus aide, and has taught reading, third, fourth and fifth grades.

    She grew up in Royal Oak, lived in Rudyard for 26 years, and now resides in Cedarville. She and her husband Tom have five children: Becky (Bawks), Matt, Betsy, and Jacob, who are all graduates of Rudyard High School. Their son Tommy, who graduated from the Rudyard Special Ed Center, died in 2015 after a full and happy life. She has four grandsons: Gordy, Derek, Jimmy, and Hudson. She loves to read, travel, cook, watch Tiger baseball (usually), and spending time with family.


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  • Mary Ellen McDonoff A message from Mrs. McDonoff

    Welcome to fifth grade!

    I look forward to working with you all this year. Here is what you can expect from the school year:


    Students will be expected to do A LOT of reading this year, and will be thinking and writing about what they read. We will also be sharing books with students in other classes, and reading novels together. Grades will be based on skills, vocabulary, and comprehension from our reading text; personal monthly reading goals and other literature-based activities. Grammar Minutes provide daily practice.


    Work is done daily in the Everyday Math workbook. You will also have access to resources online. Grades are based on tests, quizzes, and Gizmo math labs. Tests will be announced ahead of time on the weekly calendar, quizzes and labs will not. Math Minutes are used for daily practice, and Study Links provide practice as homework.


    Usually, Science and Social Studies alternate in several-week blocks: However, we are introducing another part of a new Science program this year, so the usual schedule may change. We have Science kits or textbooks for each topic, along with study guides, and online and hands-on resources. Science grades will be based on tests, classwork, and Gizmo labs.

    Social Studies

    For Social Studies we use a textbook and study guides, as well as supplemental materials. Social Studies grades will include tests, projects, and classroom activities.

    Tests will be announced on the weekly calendar. Study guides will be completed in class and turned in on test day.

    Language Arts

    Consists of Spelling, Grammar and Writing assignments. Spelling lists are usually Science and/or Social Studies vocabulary, and some vocabulary from our weekly reading story. Spelling has patterns, and learning those patterns, roots, prefixes, and suffixes can help students learn new vocabulary and comprehend unfamiliar text, so I think it is still an important skill. Writing will be taught both as explicit lessons, based on the 6+1 Writing Traits, and also embedded in class assignments such as reading notebooks and Social Studies research projects. 6+1 traits rubrics will be taught and used for scoring.


    Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday...although I will be honest and say once in awhile I will forget. So if your child tells you "no homework" one day, sure... but everyday? NO WAY. It is due by the bell the following day. The assignments are corrected, but not graded. Rewards and incentives will be given for prompt and consistent return. Assignments will be short, and related to the day's activities.

    Work not completed during the day is also allowed to be brought home and finished... HOWEVER... if students do not get work done during the day due to disrupting the class or wasting work time, the "bring it home option" will not be my first choice. My first choice will be recess completion time, and that is not my favorite. We ALL need recess.


    Papers will come home every Friday. I suggest a folder for Friday papers that can also be used for homework. Included in the papers will be the new spelling list and a calendar for the coming week. I do not print off weekly progress reports for the class. I try to keep grades up to date in Illuminate. If you do not have access to the online system, or you have questions, please let me know.

    Email me at I am good about answering my email, but it will usually be after school, mostly in the evening. Unless the students are at a special, or lunchtime, I am seldom on email during the day. 

    You can leave messages for me in the office, or on my answering machine at school. 478-3771, ext 6315. I am perfectly fine with phone calls in the evening at my home. If you prefer phone communication, I would ask that you call me. That way I know it is a convenient time for you. I have no children at home anymore, so my time is more flexible than yours. 

    906-630-2433 (cell)

    906-484-6881 (home)