• Welcome to Fifth Grade

    Math-A student workbook will be used and collected and graded after each unit test. A practice test will always be sent home before the real test. The students have a reference book that may help with homework and test preparation. Tests-50%  Workbook 50%

    Reading-The students will be using a reading textbook. Vocabulary and comprehension will be tested along with the reading skills that are taught. Once each grading period we will read an entire children’s novel together and complete various activities. An Independent Reading Assignment will be given once each  grading period.  The books must be in the Accelerated Reading Database and be of an approved length and difficulty. Cross-curricular fluency building activities will also be used this year.

    Writing-The students will complete 2 persuasive and 2 informative writing assignments this year.  The 6+1 trait writing rubric will be used. Spelling and grammar are graded as writing assignments.

    Spelling-There is no spelling book or separate spelling grade. Weekly spelling words are reading, science and social studies vocabulary words. Spelling lists always go home on Fridays for the following week.

    Science-There is an individual textbook for each topic.  Worksheets and hands on activities will be used during class.  The students will complete a studyguide during class that will help them study for chapter tests. The studyguide is due on test day.  The will usually be one science inquiry activity and/or a Gizmo online simulation per unit.  Students will also participate in the Regional Science Fair.

    Social Studies-The students will be studying early American History this year. The students will complete a studyguide during class that will help them study for the chapter tests. Essay questions are given out ahead of time so students can prepare. The studyguide is due on test day.

    Science and Social Studies will alternate chapters in approximately 2 week intervals so that students are only studying for one of the two subjects at any given time. 

    Homework- There will usually be 4 math homelinks per week, Monday through Thursday.  Occasionally, a social studies or science worksheet may be used. Homework is due by the morning bell. Students that complete their homework on time will earn a caught-ya ticket. Students that do not have their homework will complete a review of “taking ownership for their actions” sheet.  Students that complete 10 consecutive homework assignments will earn a “get out of homework free card.”

    Tests-All test will be announced and will appear on the weekly calendar.

    Communication- A weekly calendar and progress report will always go home on Friday along with all other returned papers. The calendar is designed to be put up on refrigerator or bulletin board and will include homework assignments, assemblies, tests, projects, and special announcements and due dates. Parents may write me a note or call the school and leave a message on my voice mail. Parents are also encouraged to view grades by logging into illuminate

    I check my email before school and at lunch everyday and is the best way to reach me.