• 4th  Grade Academic Overview

    Reading: Benchmark Literacy supports all the daily components of high-quality reading instruction, with a particular emphasis on the development of comprehension.  It includes:

    • Assessment to drive instruction and help teachers monitor progress
    • Interactive read-aloud to model good-reader strategies with award-winning

    trade literature

    • Shared reading mini-lessons to explicitly model comprehension, vocabulary,

    and fluency

    • Differentiated small-group/guided reading that builds seamlessly on shared reading instruction and addresses the needs of above-, on-, and below-level readers, as well as English learners and special-needs students
    • Independent reading to encourage the transfer of skills and strategies


    Math: Our math program is called Everyday Mathematics, or sometimes Chicago Math, as it originated through the University of Chicago.  It is an excellent math program that teaches the students more than one strategy for solving problems and allows them to understand what is behind the operations. 

    Science:  Our science curriculum is based out of Battle Creek, Cereal City Science Kits.  We will cover Earth, Life and Physical science concepts.  We will explore the processes that shape the earth-students explore the cause and effect relationship of weathering and erosion to Earth’s surfaces. They explore changes over time due to Earth’s forces and natural hazards.  We will structure, function and information processing- students will determine how internal and external structures support the survival, growth, behavior, and reproduction of plants and animals.  We will learn about energy and waves-Students explore how energy moves from place to place and is observable through sound, light, heat transfer, motion, and electric currents.

    Health: Michigan Model is our state health curriculum.  We will be covering social and emotional health, nutrition and physical activity, safety, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and HIV. 

    Writing:  We will be writing narrative, opinion/argumentative, and informational pieces this year.  We will be working through the writing process, learning grammar aspects as we go along.  Most of our writing will be intertwined within our reading, science and social studies time.  Students will also be writing in a personal journal several times throughout the week. 

    Social Studies: United States Studies is what we will focus on in 4th grade.  We will be covering what makes the US special, how the US government and economy work, and Great Lakes water.  We will be using the Michigan Open Book Project to help guide us through each of these units. 

    Fourth Grade is full of wonderful learning opportunities!