Research has not been able to prove that nightly homework improves student performance.  Therefore, I will not be assigning nightly homework this year.  The only time your child may need to do work at home would be if they didn’t finish an assignment in class or if they have been absent from school.  This too shouldn’t happen too regularly, as I give time throughout the day to finish assignments or they may have Lunch Bunch to get caught up. 

    Instead, I ask that you and your child spend your time after school doing things that do show that they improve student success.  Those things include eating dinner as a family, reading together, playing outside, and getting to bed early. 

    The months of October-March are Book-It months through Pizza Hut.  I will be sending home a monthly calendar for you to keep track of your child’s reading.  If they read 20 days out of the month, send back the signed calendar and I will send home a free pizza certificate for your child to use at Pizza Hut for a personal pan pizza!