Dancing Penguins
    Hello, I am Mr. Nicklas. I am a Resource Room Teacher at Rudyard Elementary, working with students in grades K-5. I work with students to improve Reading and Math skills outside of the regular classroom. Please check out the articles for resources to help assist your child at home. As this site is continually being modified, look back for more resources regularly. Eventually, I plan to have IEP meeting days scheduled every other month. These dates will be posted on the calendar, but names will not be attached. Your child's meeting will be held at the meeting day immediately preceding the Annual IEP date or MET date. You will receive notification of these dates by phone and/or by mail.  Have a great year.
    If you would like to contact me my Phone Number is (906)478-3771 ext. 6329
    my e-mail address is snicklas@eupschools.org