So you want to be a volleyball player?


    Adversity causes some to break,
    and others to break records. -Anonymous
    RHS JV and Varsity Volleyball Try-Outs will be held
     August 12-14, 2020
    Check "Rudyard Volleyball" on facebook for times!
    Bring your physical card with you showing your physical was completed after April 15, 2020.
    For your own safety, you will not be allowed to try-out without proof of a physical exam and your concussion baseline must also be completed in the Wellness Center!
    Also bring running shoes and indoor court shoes. Knee pads and water bottle is suggested. You will be scored on several fitness tests including vertical jump and mile run, and also ball handling skills (setting, passing, digging, serving, attacking, blocking), foot speed, and agility. Please come prepared for a physical challenge! You will be expected to complete the mile run in 8:00 or less.
    Should you desire to secure a spot on a Rudyard High School Volleyball Team,
    you should begin your training soon after we dismiss school for the summer.
    Make sure you begin your work-outs after a good warm-up of jogging first, and then stretching.
    Off-season strength training should be done 2-3 times per week (lifting weights, push ups, crunches, etc...) You must overload your muscles to gain strength, that means push yourself to do as much as you can in sets of ten. Once it becomes easy, increase the weight you are lifting and work back up to ten reps again, have a spotter help you if using free weights! For push ups and crunches-keep increasing your reps and eventually try feet inclined!
    Sprinting 10 and 20 yards for speed, jump training, and agility exercises such as scissor jumps, split jumps, speed hops, ladder drills, jumping rope, bench blasters, hover steps, bounding with single leg and double leg, zig-zag hopping, and grapevine should be done 2-3 times per week as this will improve coordination and quickness. Work toward getting 100 single bounce jumps with a jumprope in one minute! Alternate these exercises and if you have any knee pain, check the pool schedule! You can do many of these in the pool for less strain on your joints. Keep your body (shoulders, hips, knees) in line when jumping and land gently. Never let your squat position go below your knee level! Use ice if you have any pain; rest as needed.
    Ball handling should be done 3 times per week until mid-July. After that time you should be touching the volleyball 5-7 days per week! Work on all ball control skills-passing, setting-especially prospective setters: you should set at least 500 balls per day and gently set a basketball to yourself for strengthening your hands, shoulders, neck, and wrists 50 times per day. Everyone should be practicing overhand serving over a net or a rope or even a line on a wall 7'4" high, from 30 feet. Any chance you get to play the game whether it's in the yard, the park, the pool, or on the beach, DO SO! A partner is a great way to keep going, but if one is not available, try to set and pass to a target like a box or a hoop on the ground. Throw a ball against a wall and move your feet to the ball, turn your platform toward a different target and keep a goal in mind so you know when you are improving!
    August will be here soon and you must be ready! Take 1-2 days per week to add some endurance running 30-60 minutes each time. End your work-out with gentle stretches and hold for 30 full seconds while doing the sit and reach, v-sit, calf stretch against wall, shoulder rolls, quad stretches, shoulder stretches.
    Good luck in your preparation!
    The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything.
    It's your mind you have to convince. -Lombardi