• Philosophy and Curriculum



    Rudyard Elementary School's philosophy of physical education is to teach children the importance of daily physical activity in their lives.
    Healthy lifestyle habits and sound nutrition is emphasized. You can see from our pictures and activities that we have a very diverse curriculum using the
    Michigan Exemplary Physical Education Curriculum (MI-EPEC), EUPISD PE CRT Curriculum, and activities supported by LIFESPAN and the Feelin' Good Mileage Club. 
    For more information, go to www.eupisd.k12.mi.us and click on Curriculum-Physical Education.
    Good sportsmanship, following directions, and working hard toward a best effort are all daily goals. Each month classes try to earn
    "The Golden Sneaker Award"
    for class participation, best effort, and wearing safe, clean, indoor gym shoes!


    Nobody can do everything...but everyone can do something!


    Parents Can Help!


    Many of Michigan's school children struggle with daily activities due to being sedentary and/or overweight. This problem affects participation in physical education class and athletics, can harm self-esteem, and causes chronic disease. Ask questions and become involved in your child's physical education program. Encourage your child to give a best effort in school, including PE class! Communicate about physical activity so that your child knows you value it. Make sure your whole family gets plenty of exercise each day and model good behavior by eating a balanced diet with a variety of healthful foods. Teach your children to prepare healthful meals with you, as that is a lifeskill they will need and a great time to connect as a family! Limit sedentary activities such as excessive television and video/computer games. Please equip your children with safe, clean gym shoes. And if you smoke, please QUIT...TODAY. 


    Put physical activity into your family life!
    Hike, Bike, Canoe, Walk, Run, Skate, Play Ball, Walk Your Dog!


    email:  eperry@eupschools.org